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The number of UK women regularly using social networks has grown by 53% in 12 months, according to Women’s Space 2, the IPC Media study exploring women’s use of the internet.

  • Two thirds of women cite social networking as one of their regular online activities, compared with 43% in 2007.

Women’s Space 2 also found that online friends often become real friends. One third of women have met someone online who they now consider to be a friend; and a quarter of women have met someone face-to-face after first meeting online.

All of the women surveyed in Women’s Space 2 had participated in social media activities and the majority (89%) do so regularly.

  • A quarter of women often read online forum discussions – up from 18% in 2007
  • Almost one fifth will regularly post or answer questions, up from 15% in 2007.
  • The vast majority of women (74%) access the internet every day and the average number of times they log on per day is increasing.

On weekdays, women are logging on to the web on average 4.20 times in a day, compared with 4.01 times in 2007; and on weekend days, they are accessing the internet 4.13 times compared with 3.57 times in 2007.

Watching TV online is a growing activity among UK women:

  • Viewing TV online is up by 39% on 2007 to 43% of those surveyed.
  • More than half of women (57%) regularly buy goods online, up by 8% year on year.
  • 60% regularly use the internet to manage their finances, a rise of 9% on 2007.

Amanda Wigginton, IPC Advertising’s director of insight, says: “Women’s use of the internet is increasing and they are making the web work for them, which for growing numbers means sharing experiences, networking and communicating.”

“This study shows us where women are on their internet journey, plus how they feel about the web, which points to effective ways to reach and communicate with them online. This is valuable knowledge for us and our advertisers, and we’re committed to tracking the changes in women’s internet behaviour on an annual basis.”

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