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Web seminar: Lead Generation B2B - Generating tasty marketing food for your sales team with Martin Meyer-Gossner

Have you ever wondered if simple tools and techniques exists that will help you increase the number of leads you can attract?

Are you often faced with the daunting tasks of having to deliver more qualified leads to your sales team, but with less money?

Would you like to learn what the most successful marketers do to attract a continous flow of qualified leads with an efficient marketing budget?

Then you want to spend 90 minutes with us at this web-seminar on April 24, 2009 at 11 am CET.
The web seminar primarily talks about B2B marketing techniques, but B2C marketers can learn a few tricks too.

A highly experienced B2B marketer, and an authority in the online lead acquistion space, Mr. Martin Meyer-Gossner will share with you:

- how to set up an effective lead generation program: “3 steps to prepare before you start!”
- education on the 3-lead types model for lead generation
- explain ways how to communicate your key lead generation message efficiently
- education on defining the 3-lead types funnel
- different payment models for lead acquisition offered by online publishers offers
- share and evaluate case studies
- provide valuable advice for starting your lead generation program immediately after the web-seminar

This highly valuable, hands-on web seminar on April 24, 2009 is being offered strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s adviceable to book your ticket right now.

About Mr. Martin Meyer-Gossner

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Martin Meyer-Gossner is a co-founder of silicon.de, one of the leading b2b IT decision maker websites in Germany and holds responsibility for the product in terms sales and marketing at CBS Germany GmbH (former CNET Networks Deutschland GmbH). Martin has accompanied loads of lead generation campaigns from the big IT companies in the tech industry. He blogs on marketing, sales and strategic web-business @ www.thestrategyweb.com



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Mar 28, 2009 2:28

I am definitely looking forward to this. I would love to learn a lot about lead management. I have one important tip to live by: always use the right kind of software. There are a lot of lead managers these days, but you need only those that can suit the needs of your business.

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