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Internet marketing in Cyprus

Written by Michael Leander

Internet marketing course in Cyprus

End of October, I (Michael Leander) had the pleasure of training marketing representatives of some of the most important businesses in Cyprus.

Organized by RJTulip, the 2 day internet marketing for businesses workshop was the first for me in Cyprus. Seeing that the internet penetration rate is still “early days” in Cyprus compared to Northern Europe, I really did not know what to expect.

Looking outside in - when will we ever learn?
Researching websites of the companies taken part in the workshop, I saw examples of a little bit of everything. From the so-called “business card website” to full-blown well produced websites. And a lot inbetween.

I had planned for a workshop covering the basics with an emphasis on “getting started”. But businesses in Cyprus are no different than businesses elsewhere. Early adaptors obviously have quite a bit of experience and would expect something suitable to their experience and situation - whereas novices are more focused on acquiring hands-on knowledge. Judging from the evaluation, I believe I managed to provide a bit of relevant information to all delegates. (videos below)

But one thing stood out - as it always does; it seems that in Cyprus too companies tend to not put enough emphasis on the customers and prospects they are serving online. I often speak about two things in that respect, namely “the learnings of Kierkegaard” and “looking outside in”.
So take this learning with you, even if you do not want to read on:

If businesses anywhere want to succeed online, they must put the audiences they are serving first. Businesses must try to understand the buying process and align their selling process accordingly.

The Cyprus opportunity for internet marketing
My knowledge of Cyprus and its culture is very superficial. But I had the impression that utilizing the internet for business represents a great opportunity for companies based in Cyprus. And not merely for their domestic market, but quite so for the international markets they are serving.

In my own country, e-government has had a tremendous impact on the development of the online channel here. Interestingly e-government represents a golden opportunity for Cyprus. Yet it would seem that the government is not yet focused on creating a self-serviced environment for citizens and businesses alike.  Even if the upside in doing so are enormously interesting.

I was told that many businesses in Cyprus believe that that the internet is not a relevant channel until 2014-2015. Excuse me? Why would anybody think that?

Whether market leader or serious contender, businesses in less mature online markets, need to understand that there is always the chance of a smaller, more adept competitor will utilize the internet to kick the crap out of the established competition - merely by utilizing the internet to effectively atract and serve customers.   It has happened many times before, and it will happen again. (Barnes & Nobles, Brittanica Encyclopedia anyone?).

Oh, and the rating of my efforts. Well, I cannot help myself. So I have posted the evaluation below. The evaluation was done on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 is highest. It would seem that I have to work on my helpfulness.

I am looking forward to come back to Cyprus next year to share my knowledge and talk about the opportunities for utilizing the internet and digital marketing for businesses.

Below are some videos relating to the 2 day internet marketing seminar in Cyprus on 29 and 30 October 2009.

Video 1: Testimonial by “Pambos” - Mr. Iacovou Charalambous of the largest appliance retailer in Cyprus

Video 2: Testimonials in Russian and English with Vadim Lozitskii of St. Chara Developers and Mikhail Pautov of publisher Vestnik Kipra

Video 3: Executive director Simon Aynedjian of GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd shares his thoughts after the internet marketing seminar in Cyprus.

Video 4: Ron Joron of RJTulip talking about his thoughts after the Michael Leander internet marketing for businesses workshop in Limassol. Was it practical. precise. professional?

–> More about RJTulip here
–> More about internet marketing seminar in Cairo, Egypt

Video 5: An exhausted Michael Leander briefly commenting on his experience following the internet marketing for businesses workshop

–> About Michael Leander here

A couple more videos will be posted soon including the infamous ultra short clip titled “Can I pass?”


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Kerry Finch
Nov 7, 2009 21:02

Thank you Michael for this excellent review of the event. I am putting a link to it on my site InternetBusinessEvents and your profile in the Speakers section.


Internet Marketing Cyprus | Internet Business Events
Nov 7, 2009 21:19

[...] >> Here the trainer, Michael Leander from Denmark, gives an overview of what was covered when he trained current, and new, marketers at this Internet Business Event. [...]

Internet marketing seminar in Cyprus huge success | Internet Marketing Seminar with Michael Leander in Cairo
Nov 10, 2009 18:32

[...] After the seminar in Cyprus I was convinced that the idea to teach internet marketing in the Middle East, North Africa and Cyprus is a good idea. While I decided to do the first seminar for only a smaller group of people, I was happy to see the most important businesses in Cyprus attending.  And the seminar in my opinion was a huge success. Michael Leander has written an extensive report about his exerience on his blog. As you will see, the delegates rated Michael Leander’s performance quite high. [...]

Success Coach
Nov 25, 2009 12:43

With Internet marketing, it is really important to think about the customers because they are the audience. If they will not feel encouraged to buy your products or avail of your services, your Internet marketing strategy is ineffective.

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Internet marketing in Cyprus