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Social media: Sprite takes Youtube and Facebook to the next level

Green Eyed World follows the life adventure of Katie Vogel, a talented girl with a green guitar, killer tunes and big dreams. Each week, the new episode is your backstage pass into the music business as Katie travels through different cities and countries in search of fun, freedom, fans and friends. You can watch an episode below or go to to see what the fuzz is all about

Powered by Sprite, Green Eyed World is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind social interactive show in which you get the chance to tell Katie what you think through simple vote and comments.

Green Eyed World is also the first show of its kind to integrate Facebook into YouTube so you can talk to friends about Katie’s adventures, share comments and vote from your Facebook profile. With 4 seasons slated to air until the end of the year, Green Eyed World can be embedded across all your fave social networks and goes with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch for anytime viewing.

Exciting format that just may work - but will it pay off for advertisers?

Apart from the lucky “casting” of Katie Vogel who seems nicely grounded and highly talented, the show is very well produced and - I am sure - will attract hoards of reality TV fans. The interactivity between Facebook and Youtube is a first and an interesting component. Now add to that the opportunity to communicate brand messages directly to the people involving themselves in the conversation. Nice, ehh?

While I do want to congratulate Sprite for being a first mover in this space, I am left wondering; “will the money invested here ever produce a reasonable Return on Marketing Investment?”

On the other hand, over time, I actually think it could. It definately stands a better chance of providing a Return on Marketing Investment than the sorry advertiser whom is going to pay Chelsea a ludicrously high sum of money to name the clubs stadium. But that, my dear reader, is an entirely different story.

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