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Michael Leander Nielsen

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With more than 20 years of experience in the field of marketing, management and sales, Michael Leander is an expert in the areas of customer lifecycle marketing management, marketing automation, marketing strategy, permission (email) marketing, multichannel marketing and direct/interactive marketing. He is  frequently invited to speak on marketing topics at conferences, seminars, webinars, company workshops and kick-offs. Having lived and worked on three continents, Michael Leander is currently residing in his native country Denmark.

Married to Viktoria with whom he has three children (Valeria, Anastasia and Edward), he is a recovering work-acaholic :- )  He does however enjoy editing his blogs and occasionally writes about topics he is passionate about. Mainly interactive marketing, permission marketing, customer experience and customer lifecycle marketing automation.

Michael also launched Marketingboss TV - a project he initiated with an objective to test how much traffic a site can attract with no seeding effort apart from an occasional link in the Marketingboss Forum on Xing. As of October 2008 the site attracts approximately 500 views per day.

He also blogs about marketing and customer experience infrequently in Danish here.

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World renowned marketing guru and best-selling author Drayton Bird said about Michael Leander:

“It always amazes me how few marketing experts really understand what it takes to get customers. Michael is one of the very rare exceptions. And, just as important, he is entertaining, and makes things clear.” Drayton Bird, author of Commonsense Direct Marketing

Jørgen Andreassen, Marketing & Membership Manager at FEDMA, said;

“Michael Leander Nielsen  is a true expert within the direct and interactive marketing arena. His presentations are full of insight, highly interesting and very entertaining”.

In 2008 Michael Leander gave presentations at marketing related events ranging from exclusive workshops to large conferences, including:

He is also a frequent speaker at web-seminars (marketing webinars).

For more information please send Michael Leander an email including information about your event, time and place as well as your expectations in terms of topic.

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